Moving Meditation

Moving Meditation

An easy to learn repertoire of energy enhancing exercises that coordinates movement with breathing and inner concentration. If practiced regularly the method offers benefits such as greater vitality and resilience against injury.


The practice draws upon Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Taichi, Qigong and mindfulness meditation practices. The sequence of movements is relatively constant in every session but if practiced outdoors adapts to the external environment - particularly the seasons and weather but also localised conditions on site e.g. the tides. 


The method is uncomplicated to learn and the basics may be acquired within a few sessions. The subtleties then take longer and may be refined over time.

The method involves movement from a standing position, which makes it a practical discipline for any environment. Because there is no weight applied through the arms it may particularly suit people with shoulder issues who seek a gentle means of exploring range of movement.

Training is offered via occasional workshops, which are held in Anil Rawal's studio at New England House. See here for the next available workshop.

In addition Anil offers training on a 1:1 basis or for small groups.


To speak to Anil about Rawalyoga Moving Meditation call 44 (0)7941 842562 and leave a message,

or fill in the contact form and he will contact you.

"I really enjoy your classes. I always thought I should try yoga, but I never expected I would enjoy it "

John,  Brighton

"Normally in yoga studios I start checking the clock after about 40 minutes.

In your class an hour and fifteen minutes flew past without my noticing"

Charlotte, Los Angeles

"Your class has been a breath of fresh air. I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards"


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