Bhakti Yoga

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Adhara Kirtan 
Kirtan with Electra Rebecca Smith and Anil Rawal
8pm-10pm Thursday 13 September 2018 at
Unit 5 Level 6 New England House Brighton

Kirtan is a multi-layered experience.


Primarily it provides a meditative experience of singing in a community setting.


One aspect of yoga developed in the east over thousands of years has been the repetition of mantras, such as the universal Om sound.

Mantras appear in ancient scriptures and are therefore commonly occur as religious or devotional practices in the context of Bhakti Yoga.

It is also the case that the human body comprises cells substantially containing water and requiring air for respiration, and that all both these components respond to sound on the level of physical vibration. The idea that there might be some physical effect of the repetition of mantras makes the practice of Kirtan particularly interesting to those who come to yoga from a western humanistic perspective. 

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Rawalyoga: Unit 5 Level 6

New England House, Brighton,

East Sussex