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Stresses can accumulate in the body, sapping energy or causing injury. Being pulled in various directions can make it difficult to find time for yourself.  In yoga, there is potential for de-stressing, softening, re-calibrating.


Our approach is to give you an opportunity to soften and release. You may start to notice where you may be experiencing tension. Awareness is the all important first step. Finding space for the breath and learning to give weight to the ground are key aspects of this enquiry. By going with the natural dynamics of the body and not against it, we encourage new healthy patterns of movement, enabling you to move with less restriction, more freedom and greater fluidity.  


Through these means yoga has potential to improve the quality of your daily life. 


About Anil Rawal

A Londoner by birth, Anil's hindu brahmin roots lie in Gujarat, north west India. However he originally came to Yoga in order to recover from a back injury; a legacy of working habits in his career as an architect in Cambridge. A move to Brighton in 2009 proved life-changing when he encountered the humanist teaching and wide ranging research of Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby and others who spoke of an italian teacher called Vanda Scaravelli.

Anil holds a British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teaching Diploma, having graduated from the London Yoga Teacher Training Course (LYTTC); one of few trainings dedicated to the work of Vanda Scaravelli.


To speak to Anil call 44 (0)7941 842562 and leave a message,

or fill in the contact form and he will contact you.

About Vanda Scaravelli (1908-99)

Anil Rawal was trained in a teaching style inspired by the approach of the Italian teacher Vanda Scaravelli. This is a teaching philosophy which encourages working with the breath; grounding through the feet and releasing the spine. Vanda Scaravelli devoted time to her students, giving attention to grounding in each asana, in order to create space to move into. Her approach celebrates the differences between individuals and emphasises going with the body rather than against it; releasing into poses rather than stretching towards them. Scaravelli Yoga is often characterised as gentle - and it can be. Vanda's students were made to work hard, however many testify that above all they learned a certain quality of attention. It's this ingredient which Anil aims to bring to the work, engaging the nervous system with the breath and giving weight to the ground. 

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